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Nic Stevens
Nic Stevens conjures an indie rock sound grounded in confessional lyrics and a passionate vision of life as a spiritual journey. Blending a bold sound that recalls Coldplay, a humming reminiscent of The Frey, and lyrical melodies suggestive of the Jars of Clay, Stevens has created a music all his own. As said on You Sing, I Write, “Stevens’ indie rock sound blends uniquely with his soaring vocals…Within each song Stevens weaves stories of characters in a constant search while they questions the meaning of life.” Stevens released in 2010 his debut album “Willow Run”, the first of his three recordings. The second release, “To Keep Love Alive” was released in November 2011. The third, “A Season Bound for Change” was released October 2013.
Nic Stevens’ most recent involvements have been shows at the Minneapolis Epic Event Center, Bethel College, the classic Loring Theater, and as a finalist in the nationally recognized 3 Degrees Music Tournament. Recently he has shared the stage with up Sarah Groves, Dustin Hatzenbuhler, and Cedar Avenue.

Beyond his music, Nic Stevens delights in being a husband, father of two, creative arts and communication director, and worship leader. His greatest privilege is to see God use his talents, brokenness and joy to minister to this world.

“This is a fantastic installment in the evolution of a great songwriter.”
“Nic seems to have embraced the theme of change in his songwriting, and it couldn't be more right. Nic has coupled his raw, emotional vocals with an intense attention to detail to create music that is relatable and moving. Songs such as "See With Open Eyes" and "Giving Over" bring intensity capable of moving listeners. Change can be hard, but Nic did it right.”
“Definitely a maturing and increasingly sophisticated sound - I have loved each new release more and more.”
"Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Nic Stevens’ debut release, Willow Run, embodies poignant tales and powerful music. The five-song EP’s musical accompaniment can be easily envisioned in an arena setting while his inspirational and spiritual lyrics bring to mind bands like Switchfoot and Lifehouse."

“I’ve been following Nic from his very early days as an artist. This is his best work yet. He just gets better and better, like a good scotch, or wine. Reality is one of my favorite songs of all time. Great album!”

“I am pleased to give my recommendation of the music ministry of Nic Stevens. He has a sincere heart that comes through his music. We were please and blessed to have Nic and his band leave worship at Lighthouse for a Sunday morning.”
(Lighthouse Christian Church, Rosemount, MN)

Sound Description:
Dynamic Indie Rock grounded in confessional lyrics and melodic hooks

Sounds Like:
Coldplay & Jars of Clay

A Season Bound for Change (2013 Release)
To Keep Love Alive EP (2011 Release)
Willow Run EP (2010 Release)
My Beautiful - Acoustic Single (2011 Release)

Full Band Show:
Minimum Requirement: 6 Mixer Channels

-Lead Vocal (XLR, SM58 or equivalent)
-Background Vocal (XLR, SM58 or equivalent)
-2 Adjustable Boom Stands
-Acoustic Guitar (1 XLR for DB)
-1-2 Electric Guitars (1-2 XLR, 1-2 SM57 or equivalent)
-Bass (if sub, input availability for Bass)
-Keys (1 XLR for DB)
-Drums (if available, mic kit, kick, and snare)
*I am flexible and very interested in working within the specifications of any venue.

Acoustic Show:
Minimum Requirement: 2 Mixer Channels
-Lead Vocal (XLR, SM58 or equivalent)
-Acoustic Guitar (1 XLR for DB)
*Again I desire to be flexible, working out solo shows and full band acoustic shows.

Somewhere in Between:

I love working with many musicians to fit the expectations of any show.